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May 12, 2007 at 8:59 pm (Uncategorized)

Here is the research paper.

Ray Bradbury: Father of Science Fiction



  1. Verina Cristie said,

    I have never heard of Ray Bradbury before. Reading your blog, I become interested in reading his works. Actually, I am lazy to read long stories, but I think this time I’ll be fine to read Ray Bradbury’s works. I’m really impressed by his quote ’bout hardwork. It’s nice that you quote that. Nowadays, I believe we need many imaginators. People do live by imagination. Nice blog, I hope next time you’ll review another person well done like this one or may be better. God Bless.

  2. Vidicia said,

    This text made me know who Rad-Bradbury is. Not only his good story, but also his ability to make a story that different with other writer. Beside that, I appreciate with him because he can stay in minority, for example, he prefers using typewriter to computer when he wants to write a short story. I think this is hard to do (stay in minority) in this day. Through this text, I interested to know more who Rad-Bradbury is, his personality and his story. This text is easy to understand and systematic too

  3. Christina said,

    I’ll comment first on the organizing of the paragraphs. Before you write down this essay, did you do brainstorming and prepare the framework? These steps are of great importance to produce effective essay.

    My suggestion for the paragraphs is as follows. In the introduction, the first sentence is fine. But then you should focus on the science fiction, not the fact that when he was young he had no idea that he would be a great writer. (Thus, the second and third sentences do not fit well). So, the first sentence should be followed by examples of mentioning his great pieces (two of which are Martian chronicle and Fahrenheit 451). And then you can introduce about the influence of comic strips, that has built his interest in future life and believing that sci-fi is the base of human invention. After that, you can contradict with the fact that he doesn’t master the technology. Then you can talk about the personage who also has influenced his career along the way.

    Talking about the second paragraph, begin the paragraph with more general statement, not Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, but COMICS in particular FG and BR and so on. Avoid too many quotes like in paragraph 2 (almost in every sentence). Reorganize the order of the quotes and insert your own sentences, what you can imply from the quotes. In other paragraphs, see the organizing as stated above (in the intro). And pay attention to not repeating the main point.

    For the conclusion, I like the last sentence, but your summary doesn’t provide enough support for this statement. What made him the father of science fiction? Is it because he likes to be imaginative, his dream about ideal life that make people think of him as futurist? What separates him from other writers who are also futurists?

    Well, that’s all I can say. It’s all up to you. Good luck. I’m glad you have improved A LOT in your writing. I’m already tired and sleepy! So if you get confused with my comment, it’s not surprising.

  4. Yelena Yashina said,

    I enjoyed reading Michael’s research paper on Ray Bradbury. It is very informative, provides a good deal of factual material. I actually have learned quite a few new facts from Michael’s paper. For example, I didn’t know he was not a fan of technology. This essay is well-organized and easy to follow.

  5. M Stoikov said,

    If I have to be honest, I’ve never enjoyed reading or even considering reading science fictional books, but this article makes you question all his ideas and if I have a chance I would really spend some time with his books. A lot of usefull details that answers all the possible questions regarding an author and his work.

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